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Germany Refuses Debt Writedown for Greece


Tsiprias pic

Meeting of Finance Ministers of Germany and Greece Wolfgang Schäuble and Janis Varoufakis on Thursday in Berlin ended inconclusively.Schäuble once again ruled out the possibility of debt relief to Athens.


Richard Right 

The socialists in Greece simply want to live off the backs of workers in the other European countries because it is better to get social benefits than to work every day.


bob sykes

I don’t see how the plight of the Greek people can get any worse. They are in the midst of a 1930′s Great Depression: overall unemployment, 26%; youth unemployment, 50%; loss of GDP, 25%. This is not austerity; it is all out economic warfare.

Total default on the debt, leaving the Euro and EU, would not make Greece’s situation any worse, and it might lay the foundation for some recovery. The reality is that Greece has nothing to lose.



"Germany isn't the largest debt holder."

Coo. Who said she was? But she certainly pulls the strings in the ECB!


spike1235 days ago
They knew Greece along with Spain and Italy should never been allowed or dragged in t the EU with dodgy loans given to them knowing they could never pay it back , This is one big loan shark . The EU has planed this for many decades , So they knew what they where doing . They are doing the same to Ukraine , They to will not be able to pay it back . So the EU then has all these countries at its beck and call . If anything these countries should not only have the debt written off , But they should be compensated for being used like this , So they can start again . Get out now Greece and tell them where to go .

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Published by , 07.02.2015 at 00:12
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Anthony 7 February 15 10:20 The newly elected leader of Greece ran on the promise that austerity was over and Greece would not be repaying it’s debt. Now he’s singing another song…….an Obama song. Text hided expand
Richard Stone
Richard Stone 1 March 15 21:42 I’ve yet to see how “rearranging deck chairs” equates with bailing out or even stabilizing a sinking ship. It’s past time to let this ship (of state – e.g. Greece) go under. It’s only when richer economies quit enabling the borrowing by broke countries that debtor countries will stop trying to borrow to live a rich lifestyle. That is called being responsible Text hided expand
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