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Mitt Romney says he will not make 2016 White House bid



Republican candidate for U.S. President in 2012, MItt Romney will not run for President of the United States. The politician said officially about this, stressing that decided to allow other leaders of the Republican party to nominate their candidates for President.



Glad to see Romney take himself out of consideration. He didn't stand a chance of getting elected for several reasons. He has already lost the Republican nomination once and the general election for president once, so his Republication primary challengers and the Democrats could pin the label of loser on him. The comment about the 47% living off government handouts didn't help, either. He was for Romneyare but against Obamacare, and I can't tell what the difference is. He was for abortion rights but now he's against them (at least, I think he is). Last, and surely not least, the evangelical wing of the Republican party has been lukewarm to Romney because he's a Mormon; most evangelicals consider Mormons not to be Christian.



If 2016 is between a second Clinton or a third Bush, it will be painfully obvious that the current two party system in America is our biggest problem.


Harry T. Watz 

I think he made a wise decision. Why drag your family through the mud again from a bunch of low information idiots.


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Published by Johnny , 30.01.2015 at 22:02
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Tom 31 January 15 08:55 That was part of the problem for Mitt is that nobody was willing to back his campaign financially. Text hided expand
Henry Plant
Henry Plant 1 February 15 02:28 The slow down for the economy is sort of expected but it shouldn't have been for a few more months as it happens every time we have an out going President when the new President is unknown. Text hided expand
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