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Congress immigration fix possible in 2015


Congress immigration fix possible in 2015

President Barack Obama to legalize five million illegal immigrants.

The head of the nation's top business lobby said that Congress could make a decision the U.S.

immigration situation this  year.

Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue said there was more agreement in the country on immigration issues than some realize.



This is what our politians, US Chaber of Commerace and major corperations are clamering for:
One of the two proposed regulation changes would allow the spouses of holders of H-1B visas, which are given to workers in fields such as science, technology and engineering, to have jobs in the United States while their spouses' green card applications are being considered. Spouses of U.S. visaholders currently are not given permission to work.
This way the semi illiterates America is turning out from its educational system can work at Walmart, McDonalds and cut the yards of these high tech workers that will ship their mony back to India and China while undercutting the US labor force. Way to go fellow Americans.



The liberal want votes and the RINOS want cheap labor. We need to enforce the laws on the books. Deport Illegals that have been clogging up our prisons. Eliminate the handouts. Pass E-Verify. And reform the system so that it works for all of us not just the RINOS and the Liberals.



The more workers they have , the less they have to pay them. It's supply and demand and a perfect way to keep the masses dirt poor while enriching the US Chamber of Commerce and their ilk.


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Tom 30 January 15 10:19 we finally get some credible forecasting from the group which actually controls Congress: Corporate Lobbyists. Text hided expand
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