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How Alabama politics are motivating a legal showdown over gay marriage

In 2006, Alabama voters overwhelmingly passed a ban on gay marriage. Last month a federal court lifted that law, but the state’s supreme court chief justice ordered judges to ignore the ruling. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused an appeal to uphold the ban, allowing same-sex unions and setting up a legal showdown over state rights. Judy Woodruff talks to Joseph Smith of the University of Alabama.

Published by Tommy , 10.02.2015 at 16:49


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Richard Stone
Richard Stone 26 February 15 01:17 I cant wait for the supreme court to issue a knockout blow to social conservatives that will sting for decades to come even more than roe v wade. What a time to be alive. Text hided expand
Anthony 3 March 15 00:20 Are we going to have to send in Federal troops to drag their ignorant, inbred arses into civil rights for all....again? Text hided expand
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