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Britain cites option of cutting Russia from SWIFT banking

Britain cites option of cutting Russia from SWIFT banking

Excluding Russia from the SWIFT banking system should be an option in lieu of sanctions if a truce in Ukraine is not respected, British Prime Minister David Cameron said.



Removal of Russia from the SWIFT system is the right thing to do.

While we're at it, we should ban all Russians from being able to travel to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba and the remainder of the west. If we really want to make the Russians suffer, the most effective way is to force them to stay in Russia. Mark my words, after about six months of house arrest, they'll readily burn Putin at the stake.

This proposal is clearly a win-win for the west. Non-Russian tourists will have better access to beach loungers and they won't have to keep such a close eye on their personal belongings. And, now that Americans can freely travel to Cuba, I'm sure that the Cuban hotels won't mind losing the Russian business; Americans tip better and they don't habitually steal the towels and toilet paper.

If this experiment goes well, maybe the ban could remain permanent, even after they get rid of Putin.


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