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In State of the Union, Obama Sets an Ambitious Agenda

In State of the Union, Obama Sets an Ambitious Agenda

Obama outlined an ambitious plan for the United States, but Congress can prevent.

The President's approval rating reached a record 46%. Meanwhile, opponents have found something to criticize the head of state.



Far too late Mr. President. Now that you have no leverage in Congress these proposals are meaningless. You've spent six years pandering to Wall Street and these new proposals are simple political posturing. Six years ago they would have energized those who worked so diligently to elect you but now they are just empty rhetoric.
From a deeply disillusioned family on Main Street USA.


Murray Bolesta

Since the November elections, the president has gone big. He's been on the offensive and making waves, good, big waves. This has caught most conservatives off guard, since with their major Koch-induced gains in Congress, they truly believed that the president was annihilated and reduced to a jelly-like substance, the next best thing to impeachment. They hate him so.

That the opposite has happened is joyous.


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