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Legal pot arrives in District of Columbia amid wrangle with Congress

File photo of DC Cannabis Campaign sign with other signs in Washington

Possession of small amounts of marijuana became legal in the District of Columbia on Thursday amid a face-off between local officials and the U.S. Congress over whether the new standards are lawful.



Legal weed in D.C.?This from a bunch of stuffy old men and women who famously bicker like children among themselves?I live in Ga. and still have to make a phone call and see if he has any.Then i have to wave at the camera and wait for him to un-lock the door.I feel like i'm buying crack or something,but i just smoke weed.He goes to Col. once a month in his RV loads up and makes a killing at $20 a gram.Hint....Catch up GA. with the times.I don't drink been there done that quit years ago.Just smoke a little pot and if that's a crime then i'm guilty as charged...


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