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U.S. to seek death penalty in Boston bombing case




tsarnAmerican journalists discouraged behavior U.S. District court in Boston.The process has entered into the stage of questioning potential jurors.    



One can only hope that Holder is mature enough to make is decisions regardless of what other think. Sure sounds like article authors are staunch Democrats!



Keep him in a super max prison, with nothing to do and no opportunity to exercise until he is old & out of shape/ feeble enough that he can no longer properly enjoy the company of his 72 virgins. Then kill him. 
This way if there is an afterlife, you'll make sure he doesn't have any fun, no matter who's god is running the show that year.



Surely, there is nobody who does not know that a death sentence for this creep is exactly what he would want. Better he should sit in some miserable cell for the rest of his life and think about the 72 virgins or raisons or whatever his miserable brain concocts. The only deal that could be cut would be for him to give up the death sentence and that would suit just fine.



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