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Secretary of State Kerry to visit Nigeria soon

Secretary of State Kerry to visit Nigeria soon

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry intends in the next few days to visit Nigeria, where the government is fighting against extremist Islamist movement Boko Haram. Kerry announced plans visit to Nigeria, speaking at an economic forum in Davos.


David S 

What for? As usual he will accomplish nothing and probably just embarrass us.



Kerry should find time to study the complexity of Nigeria since its amalgam into Nigeria in 1914. If it will help the country to move forward by being divided into two or more countries, Kerry should set down the modalities for the self determination of any region or tribe that wants independence from the present Nigeria.


It's a welcome development only if he is going to visit some of the crisis ridden parts of the country like Baga and the rest. He shouldn't take a trip to Lagos and Abuja then maybe PH then jets back to his country promising to come back but that will be the end.


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