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Texas lawmaker under fire for Facebook post on Muslim Capitol Day

The Texas and Israeli flags are waved by protesters who gathered to disrupt and heckle a group gathered for a Texas Muslim Capitol Day rally, Thursday...

Rep. Molly White asks Muslim visitors to pledge allegiance to America.

A newly elected Texas state lawmaker is under fire for a divisive Facebook post asking Muslim visitors attending an event at the state capitol in Austin to pledge allegiance to the United States.

The event, Texas Muslim Capitol Day, was organized by the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.



my grandparents came here from Lebanon years ago to build a better life. They assimilated and became Americans. They did everything they could to be part of this great country. They did not come here with the intention of establishing a life with rules that existed in Lebanon (a la, creating a voluntary sharia court to dispense Islamic justice - and there are muslims who want this). They don't have to renounce anything if they don't want to, but they sure as hell need to assimilate to the rules that have governed this country, or go back to the country they came from so they can live by their rules. America is being watered down as we try to accommodate every little aspect of life from other cultures. When it comes to governess, it is America's way in this country period.



I am the first one to admit America has made its share of mistakes around the world.

Yes, our heart is in the right place, and no it's not easy managing all the variables and decisions we have to make constantly. We screw up.

That said, there is simply no room for discussion with these "people" who make up ISIS. They're a throwback to a different time in our evolutionary past. They're a cancer. No discussion, and no discussion with anyone who throws down with them. They must be ended.This is the clearest choice between right and wrong I've seen in my somewhat long life.


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