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Obama chooses Clancy to be Secret Service director

Acting head of Secret Service Joe Clancy testifies on Capitol Hill in  Washington

President Barack Obama has chosen Joseph Clancy as the new head of the U.S. Secret Service, the White House said on Wednesday, after a series of high profile security lapses led to a shake-up in the troubled agency's leadership.



Meanwhile Obama's head of the VA caught in more lies to Congress just like IRS head & Holder. The VA has not fired 60 to 100 people for manipulating wait-time data as he told Congress in hearings, IG report shows only 11 people have been let go at the VA all with full time benefits. The IRS has hired back 1100 people who where let for violating polices & unpaid back taxes. Turns put fed gov't workers including people at WH owe fed gov't over 4 billion in unpaid taxes.


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