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    They use social media to recruit and to communicate with each other.War crimes and ge...
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    We don't want Jeb Bush. Yahoo keeps pushing him on us, they want him to get nominated because they figure he'd lose.For Jeb Bush, the...
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    That just tells us Obama is going to speed up the process to get the terrorists back into the battle.Pentagon pulls or...

Bill O’Reilly’s 1982 Falklands War stories called into question

Bill O’Reilly’s 1982 Falklands War stories called into question

Fox News anchor denies allegations that he lied.


Gary Ruffin 

Why does everyone envy soldiers who were unfortunate to be in a war zone. I served in the army back in the sixty's before Vietnam war started I did not go to a war zone and I am very glad I did not. After the military I went to nursing school and worked at the VA hospitals I took care of some of those young men who had been in Vietnam and soldiers from world war 2, and Korean war. If you asked anyone of them if they wanted to be there they would tell you No what they saw is nothing that any human being would want to see. They our the true hero's!


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