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US Gov Controlled Islamic State Expands Into Middle Eastern Countries To Provoke War - Episode 600

Greece is heading towards a revolution, new government reneges on promises. Yellen looks at unemployment numbers and gets confused. Case Shiller says housing has faltered. US confidence is now imploding. 8000 men missing in Ukraine draft. US looking at new sanction for Russia. Netenyahu caught in a lie, Iran does not have nuclear weapons. The US Gov controlled Islamic State has been in every country where the US needs to get back into or wants to get into.

Published by Robert , 27.02.2015 at 21:29


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Richard Stone
Richard Stone 2 March 15 23:30 Notice the lower MASKED isis guy's t-shirt sleeve and how his skin looks pretty light above the sleeve line. Make up?Tan?. Text hided expand
Anthony 2 March 15 23:55 One must understand this is only the beginning..ISIS along with US 'advisors" will be in Afghanistan and use them to create chaos in the central asia region as to create a proxie pressure on china and Russia. Ukrainian/ NATO in the west The ISIS up North multiple front to create chaos near Russian borders.. Text hided expand
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